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To get the WOW Client
We are using World of Warcraft Client 7.3.2 build 25549. Now, while you can do download it from WOW, It's easier to grab it from here.

Download our working WOW Client

This has everything you need to log into our server. You will just have to contact me about setting up an account. If you DID already download the WOW client directly from them, and it is the version mentioned above. Just download this file and unzip it directly into your wow folder:

Download the SPP Files

Again, you will need to contact me about getting an account setup. All other settings are handled by these files.

Use SPP_Wow or SPP_Wow-64 to run your game (You can shortcut either file, just do not try running SPP_Wow-64 on an older 32 bit machine)

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