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Setting up the NW Client
Download the client from or main website HERE

While downloading, you need to forward a couple of things for the multiple servers involved. To do this, follow these instructions:
  • Go to your Windows folder on C: Drive
  • Inside, go to the folder called System32
  • Next open the folder called Drivers
  • Finally, open the file called etc

Once you are in the etc folder, look for a file named hosts.
Copy this file to your desktop (don't move it) and leave the etc folder open.
Double click the hosts file on your desktop (or right click and open) when it asks what to use, choose notepad.

Within the file you will see a section that looks similar to this:

# localhost name resolution is handled within DNS itself.
#       localhost
#    ::1             localhost

Right below that, add the following:

Code: code code_server code_game_server

All this code does is tell your computer to seek out these 3 servers when asked for. Save the file and close it, then move it back into your etc folder and overwrite the file there.

Unzip the client wherever you want. Once it is done, open the game by using Neverwinter.exe (Which you can make a shortcut from) and NOT GameClient.exe
There will be a window that appears which looks like:

[Image: NWClient.png]

Make sure you have the address in the box and click on Start Game. Make sure you have me set you up and account and you should be able to login and play just fine!

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