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Helpful SWG Wikia Pages
Here are a few of my favorite swg wikia pages.

If you need extra typed commands, go  >>>> HERE <<<<  Great for transferring structures without having to tear them down. (WILL NOT work on no trade structures)

For a list of collections to do in game, go  >>>> HERE <<<<

And you can visit the NPC called "A Collector" found  >>>> HERE <<<< For additional quests to collect items.

If you didn't get an ITV ( Instant Travel Vehicle ) for travel to shuttle / star ports on the planet you are currently on.
Try doing this mission >>>> HERE <<<<  I personally tested this collection and it is working. 

If you are stuck on a quest. Try going to the >>>> MAIN PAGE <<<< and typing the name of the quest
( Main quest name not the title of the section you are on ) in the search bar located in the very top pf the page header.

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