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Setting up the SWG Client

  • Download the SWG Client from our website HERE
  • If you do not have the ability to unrar files, download WinRar HERE
  • UnRar the file to your C drive (Or somewhere you wish to)
  • Go into the Client Folder
  • Open up SwgClientSetup_r
  • Change your graphics settings to fit your computer
  • Make sure you have already created an account on the server from our main page HERE
  • To run the game, use SwgClient_r (Which you can create a shortcut for)

That's it, have fun!!!

Changing the client IP address for server connection

Because SWG has an issue with DDNS currently, we have to use a straight IP login. Unfortunately, this also means that about once a month, the IP address changes. To fix it:

  • Go to your SWG client folder
  • Open up login.cfg with notepad or some other text editor
  • change the IP address to the new one (See above), save it and login!


If you would like to add to, or disable some of the ILM graphics:

  • Open your client folder
  • Open live.cfg with a notepad or other text editing device
  • Look for the following in the file:

#    searchTree_00_3=ILM_ui.tre

  • The ILM UI is disabled by default. To re-enable it, delete the # at the beginning of the line.
  • If you ever want to disable any of the ILM modules, just add a # at the beginning of the line.
  • Save the file and restart the client from desktop.


If you are having problems, please try one of the following:

1) All older games (and some newer ones) require DirectX 9.0c installed on the machine. You may have DirectX 10 or above, but they are NOT backwards compatible with 9.0c. The good news is, you can install 9.0c along side any other DirectX you have. If you are having game issues, try to install that files by clicking the following:

You will need to restart your computer.

2) If you continue to get a graphics problem with the game, the problem could be that you have an NVidia graphics card. First, make sure your video drivers are up-to-date. If the problem persists, open up SwgClientSetup_r in your main folder. Under your Graphics tab, look for "Vertex/Pixal Shader Version" at the top, which is set to Optimal by default. Click the drop down box and change it to 1.4 (override) and click OK at the bottom. You should be good to go!

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